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 Cabeza movil beam, COLORES MEJORADOS,  DOBLE PRISMA y FILTRO MULTICOLOR. Incluye cable powercon. Case rodante 2 en 1 opcional.

BOT 230

$550.00 Precio
$505.00Precio de oferta
  • Channels mode:16/20CH;
    lamp: BORYLI MSD R7 230;;
    Voltage: 110-240V ,50/60Hz;
    Power: 350W,PF≥0.95;
    Display: 1.7 inch Screen display,5 touch switches;
    Color: 14colors+white;
    Fixed GOBO: 14gobo+white,4 of them are color patterns;
    Prism:16 facet prism+18 facet prism(6+12 layer prism), prism can overlay;
    Effect wheel:With Rainbow Effect Wheel.( When the prism comes out and the effect wheel is
    added, the rainbow prism effect will appear.)
    Beam ange:3.8°;
    Dimmer: 0-100 %;
    Support mechanical stroboscopic and adjustable stroboscopic effect, support stroboscopic macro
    The photoelectric reset system can automatically retrieve the reset after accidental misoperation.
    Pan: 540°,8Bit/16Bit;
    Tilt: 270°,8Bit/16Bit;
    IP Rate:IP20;

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