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Barra led PIXELAR, PARA EXTERIORES, CON LEDs 6 EN 1!,  soporta lluvia, polvo, humedad, etc., puede manejar pixel por pixel, sirve para coloridas secuencias y para alumbrar fachadas. (caja rodante no incluida)


$250.00 Precio
$190.00Precio de oferta
  • ◎Voltage: AC90V-245V/50-60Hz
    ◎Power: 450W
    ◎Beam angle: 40°
    ◎Produce more than 1600 thousand colors
    ◎Leds: 18pcs 15W LED  RGBWA 5IN1 LEDS 
    ◎Life time: About 10,0000hours
    ◎Color: RGB color can be mixed to more than 16.7million kinds of color
    ◎function effect: dimmer, strobe, pixel, gradual change
    ◎Control: DMX512, Master-slave, stand-alone,sound-active
    ◎12 built-in fixed horse race effect, at the same time the superposition of stroboscopic effect;
    ◎13 built-in DIY horse race effect, background color and running color can be set up,At the same time, and overlay stroboscopic effect
    ◎DMX Channel:2/3/5/8/42/44CHS
    ◎Each LEDs and its color can be controlled individually
    ◎Housing: die-cast aluminum
    ◎IP Rate: IP65

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